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Active Acne

Active acne is an inflammatory skin condition. It is a chronic condition that affects approximately 80 percent of adults and teenagers. It causes spots and pimples to form on the body, especially the face, neck and back.

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acne on face


Hormones are the root cause of most acne breakouts. An increase in testosterone or oestrogen can cause flare ups. The reason hormones play a huge role in active acne is the sebaceous glands are sensitive to hormones. The sebaceous glands are small glands in the skin that secrete oil into the hair follicles.

Acne can also be hereditary. Some cosmetic products are also known to increase the likelihood of acne formation. Smoking can cause acne in older people. Items of clothing that place pressure on the skin can cause acne.


The visual symptom of acne is red, raised and inflamed skin. It sticks out on otherwise healthy skin. Common spots include small red, tender bumps (papules) and pimples (pustules).

Acne can be very sore. Spots will feel tender, and especially on areas of the face with extreme sensitivity (for example, the nose and lips).

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