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Drooping Eyelids

Drooping eyelids, clinically referred to as ptosis, is a condition that causes one or more eyelids to drop below a regular position. It is a common and harmless ailment, but also a physically obvious one that can impair vision.

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Plasma Lift eye area before and after


Acquired ptosis is usually caused by age. As we get older, we lose elastic tissue (elastin) in our skin and this causes it to hang more loosely. Trauma can also cause ptosis. Some boxers have droopy eyelids for this reason.

A serious medical condition such as a stroke, neurological disorder or muscular disease can cause ptosis if they affect the nerves or muscles of the eyes.

In children, drooping eyelids are commonly caused by the eye levator muscle not developing. It is also possible to be born with droopy eyelids. This is called congenital ptosis.


Ptosis can affect one eye (unilateral ptosis) or both eyes (bilateral ptosis). The symptom in both cases is a sagging of the eyelid. This can affect a person’s vision, but not always. Some people do not notice their droopy eyelids and see just fine.

Because it is located so close to the eye, ptosis can cause excess watering and make a person appear tired. In severe cases of ptosis, some people have to tilt their head backwards, so they can see properly.

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