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Alevere™ Weight Loss Programme

  • Highly specialised nutritional treatment
  • Weekly treatments, utilising the latest non-surgical therapies
  • Regular support, with advice and guidance available
  • Finance available! Buy now, pay monthly via our partner IDeal4Finance.

The Alevere™ Weight Loss Programme is a medically supervised solution to weight loss that offers a unique combination of treatments, diet plans and lifestyle changes. This comprehensive and holistic approach to weight loss will give you results you never thought possible, and equip you to sustain your healthy weight even after completion of the programme.

Superior to a traditional weight-loss programme

Tailored for long term struggles, Alevere™ is designed specifically for those who have attempted three different weight-loss programmes, and have been battling their weight for three years or more.

You’ll receive medical supervision, with specially trained personnel by your side every step of the way to guarantee effective results, without the use of medication or surgery.

Alevere™ combines a highly specialised nutritional approach with the latest in non-surgical therapies. This will help you reduce fat, retain muscle, restore body shape and skin elasticity. With our aftercare programme, this hollistic approach to wellbeing and health will help you maintain your healthy weight far into the future.

With rapid results proven to be safe, experience transformation with Alevere™.

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Finance now available! Buy now, pay monthly via our partner IDeal4Finance.

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How does Alevere™ work?

The Alevere™ Weight Loss Programme employs a three-stage approach to guarantee results.

Your journey will start with a simple medical questionnaire, a ‘Pre-therapy Assessment’ and finally, a consultation.

Following this comes the nutrition plan, which includes a range of salads, vegetables and fruit. Meal choices also include pizza, pasta, soups, omelettes, dessert dishes and more! You’ll also take part in fat reduction treatments alongside your nutrition plan. These specialised treatments target areas of fat that are resistant to diet with non-surgical technology.

Finally, a consultation to review your progress, as well as guidance on creating a sustainability nutrition plan to maintain your results!

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A comprehensive, personalised approach

Alevere™ isn’t just about weight loss through dietary changes. This programme provides education, medical supervision as well as non-invasive treatments. We’ll equip you with all the tools you need to maintain your weight-loss journey.

Every individual is unique, and Alevere™ is built around this idea. Your specific goals and circumstances are an essential component of the program we’ll help you create, taking your lifestyle and preferences into account so you stick to your plan more easily.

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How long does Alevere™ take?


Pre-therapy assessment: 30-40 minutes

Consultation: 30-45 minutes


Nutritional programme: Programmes are tailored to the individual

Weekly therapies: Programmes are tailored to the individual


Final consultation: 30-45 minutes

Sustainability plan: Programmes are tailored to the individual

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Alevere™ FAQ's

Does it work?

Alevere’s approach to weight loss has been proven to be effective in people achieving their goals. In 2022, Alevere partner clinics helped over 23,749 people lose weight.

Why Alevere?

The UK Department of Health found that 95% of diets fail, and most people end up regaining their weight loss. With Alevere’s holistic approach to weight loss, you’ll be equipped to be healthier, happier, and maintain your results long into the future.

How much weight can I lose?

Our female patients typically lose one stone each month.

Our male patients typically lose one and a half stone each month.

How does Alevere's plan differ from other diets?

With Alevere, you” gain access to many different nutritionally rich ingredients and delicious recipes to make sure you’re never bored of the food you’re eating. Many of the recipes include specialised Alevere ingredients of course!

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