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Promax Lipo: Cellulite, Fat Loss, Skin Tightening

  • No side effects, no pain and no downtime
  • Proven and instant results
  • Award-winning technology

Promax Lipo is designed to tackle any areas of stubborn fat, especially those abdominal areas unresponsive to exercise, helping you to achieve a slimmer waistline whilst improving the general tightness and appearance of your skin.

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Cellulite reduction

In this treatment multipolar radiofrequency and vacuum massage technology are utilised.

Using controlled waves of energy to heat the fat cells boosts circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases the metabolism of fat cells.

The thermal energy also results in instant collagen contraction and create long-term improvement to collagen fibres for firmer tighter skin.

A course of 8-10 treatments carried out every 4-weeks is recommended.

Most patients see an improvement in 2 to 3 weeks and results will continue to get better over time.

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Fat loss

Ultrasonic cavitation technology is utilised for fat reduction treatments. Soundwaves penetrate deep into the fat layer causing vibrations and the formation of microbubbles within the interstitial fluid. As these bubbles collapse the resulting shockwave leads to a temperature change in a fat cell membrane. This allows lipids to escape the cell and be ejected from the body.

A course of 6-10 treatments is recommended.

Most patients see an improvement after 2 to 3 sessions and results will continue to get better over time.

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Skin tightening

Radio frequency energy is applied to the skin, causing gentle heating. This stimulates a process often referred to as ‘wound healing’. The heat is recognised by the brain which then signals cells in the deeper layers of your skin to produce collagen and elastin.

Over time, collagen and elastin grow and your skin will start to tighten, looking fresher and smoother. Promax is particularly effective on fine lines, lower face slackness and overall skin tightening. We can also target areas of concern such as around the eyes, and mouth or jawline.

A course of 6-8 treatments at 2 to 3-week intervals is recommended.

Most patients see results immediately and results will continue to get better over time as collagen is renewed.

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Body Treatments

1 A4 sized area – £95

2 A4 sized areas – £145


Face: buy 7, get 8th free

Body, buy 5, get sixth free

Facial Treatments

Full Face – £110

Face and Neck – £140

Face, Neck and Decolletage – £220

Each treatment lasts 30 – 40 minutes.

Frequency: Treatment plans are tailored to suit you.

Consultations require a £50 deposit, which is deducted from any future treatments.
2 working days notice is required to move or cancel an appointment or the deposit is forfeited at our discretion.

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Does the treatment cause any pain or discomfort?

Treatment is not considered painful. Most people find a warm, tingling sensation is felt.

How long does the treatment take?

30 to 40 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

There are no reported side effects or adverse reactions. You can resume your daily life straight away.

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