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Bodyshockers: My Tattoo Hell Program Causes Major Spike in Tattoo Removal Interest

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On Thursday 30th January nearly 3 million people tuned in to watch Bodyshockers, My Tattoo Hell on Channel 4. Tattoo removal was the hot topic of discussion on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Lunch hours the following day were spent discussing the programme and people flocked to the search engines looking for more information on “tattoo removal”. As a result of all this, tattoo removal clinics all over the UK saw a big increase in enquiries; and we were no different.

We thought it would be interesting to pull together a few statistics in an infographic below.

Key statistics on 30th January

TV viewers

Channel 4: 2,580,000

Channel 4+1: 357,000

4 Seven: 190,000

Total: 3,127,000

Data source: BARB


Tweets containing #bodyshockers: 6,211

Tweets containing #mytattoohell: 1,601

Tweets containing “tattoo removal”: 623

Total: 8,435

Data source: Topsy

Google Search interest

“tattoo removal”: 100%

Data source: Google Trends

Tattoo removal has been on a steady rise for years and this programme has helped raise awareness that it’s more popular than people might think. Getting a tattoo in the first place is a big lifestyle decision. The presenter of the programme, Katie Piper importantly points out that “Tattoos and the like can hold back your whole career and the thing is nowadays we’re seeing them almost as make-up, no big thing, but it’s permanent. People are doing it on a whim.” If this sounds like you then laser tattoo removal treatment can help you get your career back on track. Here at Andrea Catton Laser Clinic we have the most advanced laser tattoo removal machine in the world – the Cynosure PicoSure. You can see the laser in action by watching the video below.

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If you’d like to know more about PicoSure or want to speak to someone about what to expect in more detail, then don’t be afraid to call us on 01282 421174 or fill in the call back request form and we’ll call you.

Andrea Catton

Andrea has over over 40 years experience delivering beauty and skin care treatments and has over 20 years laser experience. Regarded as the number one PicoSure laser technician in the UK, Andrea is trained and qualified to use Aculight HR IPL, Chromolite IPL, N-Lite laser, Ellipse, Episoft MD IPL, ADL Sapphire Nd:YAG, RevLite & PicoSure. Andrea is also a member of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis, British Medical Laser Association and is fully qualified to teach IPL & laser hair removal.

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