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Tattoos Are Not as Permanent as We Thought

tattoo being inked on back

For centuries we have assumed that once tattooed that’s it – the image or words are there for life. Then came tattoo cover-ups, allowing ink that people had grown tired of or grown out of to be covered up with a new design by experienced, talented artists. Finally, we reached the point where lasers were…
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Study Suggests Particles from Tattoos Can Go More than Skin Deep

lymph nodes with tattoo pigment

Whilst that old tattoo of Pikachu or a former lover’s name can be removed from sight, it has been found that microscopic remnants of the artwork could remain inside the body. The tiny particles originating in the tattoo ink can be more stubborn than previously thought, moving deeper within the system and taking up residence…
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Study Suggests that Tattoos Can Change the Way You Sweat

man with tattoo superman running

Tattoos have always been thought of as purely aesthetic and a means of self expression. But could they actually be having long term effects on the workings of our bodies? New US research into tattoos and sweating New research from the US is causing concern by suggesting that having tattoos can change the way we…
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