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[VIDEO] PicoSure Tattoo Removal Case Study & Interview #4 – Andy

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29 year old Andy was fed up of other people looking at his neck tattoo and judging him whilst dropping off his child at school.

He came to us for the removal of his tattoo using the PicoSure laser.

Andy had 5 treatments in total and his results can be seen in the video below.

Andy kindly shared his PicoSure tattoo removal experience with us…

What was the reason for getting your tattoo in the first place?

“I had an accident at work and was quite lucky to come out of it ok! Hence the “lucky”.”

What was the reason for wanting your tattoo removed?

“I wanted it removed because it looked a mess and attracted a lot of unwanted attention.”

And when did you first start to think about getting it removed?

“In 2015 I think it was.”

What attracted you to the PicoSure laser over other available removal treatments?

“After doing some research, the PicoSure treatment was one of the only treatments to remove the tattoo without any adverse effects like scarring.”

What worries (if any) did you have prior to the treatment?

“The only worry I had was how much, if any, of the tattoo would be able to be removed!”

And how was your first treatment?

“My first treatment went really well, the treatment was surprisingly painful as it was on my neck but bearable.”

How comfortable did you find the laser treatment (the actual sensation from the laser) and what did it compare to?

“The treatment is uncomfortable, but bearable. If had to make a comparison it would be like hot chip fat being splashed on your skin.”

Were you satisfied with the results and would you recommend the PicoSure laser treatment to your friends?

“I was very satisfied with the end result and would definitely recommend PicoSure over other treatments available.”

Any other thoughts, comments?

“There are other treatments available out there that cost a fraction of the price of PicoSure but have terrible end results and most of the time the tattoo is still visible. As the saying goes, you definitely get what you pay for.”


Get in touch if you’re considering tattoo removal, we’re always here to answer any of your concerns and questions.

[View our PicoSure Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos here]

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Andrea Catton

Andrea has over over 40 years experience delivering beauty and skin care treatments and has over 20 years laser experience. Regarded as the number one PicoSure laser technician in the UK, Andrea is trained and qualified to use Aculight HR IPL, Chromolite IPL, N-Lite laser, Ellipse, Episoft MD IPL, ADL Sapphire Nd:YAG, RevLite & PicoSure. Andrea is also a member of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis, British Medical Laser Association and is fully qualified to teach IPL & laser hair removal.

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